Best Places To Visit In Nubra Valley

From gompas to sand dunes, there is no dearth of tourist places in Nubra Valley. The place is meant for all whether couples, family or friends. A visit to this place will set you free and take you on a trip that will lift you spiritually.

Samstanling Monastery: The Main Monastery In The Valley

This Monastery is located in Sumur village. As this is the main and popular Monastery of the region it is a must-visit place. This monastery shows the shades of trio colors Red, White, and Gold. To reach here it takes 50 minutes from Sumur Village via trek or else you may use rental cabs. Carry woolens along with you as this place is very cold. Buses and shared taxis are available regularly from all the main places of Leh to reach Sumur.

Diskit Gompa: Get 360 Degrees View Of The Statue

This is the largest (105 feet) and oldest Buddhist attraction constructed during the 13th century. By standing here tourists can experience the 360 degrees view of Nubra valley. It was inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Panamik Village: For Majestic Views Of The Mountains

Panamik village is situated at a distance of 140 km from Leh. This is the final frontier of India and is famous for its fascinating hot water spring. This village has plenty of attractions to visit. Here public transportation is rare, so don’t depend on it and you will find the limited number of guest rooms to stay.

Yarab Tso Lake: For Breathing The Mountain Air

Yarab Tso Lake is also called as the “hidden lake” and situated near Sumur Village. The only way to reach this hidden lake is by hiking uphill as no transportation is available. Don’t wash your feet or don’t try to swim here because the water of the lake is crystal clear and pure. Find pure joy and happiness as you sit by the lake and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Hunder Sand Dunes: For Safari Over Bactarian Camel

Wherever you see, you will find sand dunes one side and mountains on another side which will leave you completely awestruck. Here you will find double-humped camels, so you can enjoy camel safaris as it is counted among the best things to do in Nubra Valley. Witness the beautiful scenery while you enjoy your camel safari in one of the top tourist places in Nubra Valley.

Turtuk: For The Best Landscape & Local Culture

Turtuk is the last village and one of the northernmost villages in India. This village offers you a chance to unravel the local culture and learn about various local dialects. Lookout for the apricot trees that will give you the best scenic views and a surreal landscape. Here Apricot trees are grown resulting best landscape. There are many reasons one should not miss the chance to visit Turtuk Such as having a beautiful view, the last village of India, having the best landscape and also having mixed cultures.

Ensa Gompa: Overlooking The Snow-Capped Mountains

Ensa Gompa is an old monastery located in the middle of the region and it is one of the best places to see in Nubra Valley. The walls are painted with dark paintings as they are old. This is one of the famous Buddhist monasteries in Nubra valley. It is usually less crowded. Visiting this Ensa Gompa will surely be a different experience on your Nubra trip that you shouldn’t miss.

Bactrian Camel Safari – The Adventurous Safari

Nubra Valley is known for its marvellous sand dunes and there is nothing better than having a camel ride amidst those magnificent dunes. What makes this even more distinctive is that these camels are unusual than ones that roam the desert of Rajasthan. These are bactrian camels which have two humps. These camels were used as a mode of transport to travel silk route.

Maitreya Buddha – The Spiritual Statue

Maitreya Buddha is a tall statue that is 32 meters near the Diskit monastery which faces the Shyok river. The recently built statue was sanctified by H.H. Dalai Lama and is made of 8 Kg gold. The gold was donated by the head of Gompa. The legend says that the statue was built to prompt world peace and protect the village from wars.